To demonstrate our commitment to audit quality and in line with our core value of giving back we share knowledge and learn from our peers.  We work with other accounting firms and provide collaborative services to improve employee benefit plan audit quality and value.

  • Training/CPE - We will develop audit training customized to the needs of your firm and staff.  We modify what we teach to meet your needs.  We can also assist you with re-engineering audit engagements, processes, templates and tools.  Our training and consultative projects begin with face to face meetings to brainstorm, share insights and develop programs.
  • Contract based assistance-  If you have a temporary lapse in staffing, we can provide a solution.  We are able at agreed upon hourly rates to fill in as highly qualified professionals on your engagements.
  • Technical Help Desk- Depending on the nature and complexities of your plans, sometimes you may need help with research and/or audit questions.  Our help desk is available to help with technical matters.